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HYPNOSIS CDs  created by Kathryn McGlynn

All hypnosis CDs are $20.00 plus $4.00 S&H per order.  

Many CD titles are now also available as MP3 recordings for $12.00, indicated as MP3.                            Upon purchase, a link will be sent from MailBigFile to download your recording.

Sale through Sept 30:  All titles in the Empowerment category. See below.


Hypnocomfort MP3 - cultivate high levels of physical and emotional comfort 

Feeling Good - experience endorphins, the body’s natural opiates; reduce stress

Journey into Comfort MP3 – deep relaxation and stress release 

Relax, Feel Great, Sleep Soundly MP3 – sleep deeply and peacefully  

The Endorphin High – create a trigger response to release endorphins at will


Past Life Regression MP3 explore other lives, other times; heal old patterns

Life Before Life Regression MP3 – discover why you chose to be born 

Awaken To Bliss MP3  access your Higher-Self


Titles in this category are on sale thru Sept 30: CDs are $15 and MP3s are $10

Awesome Memory MP3   increase the ability to remember and recall  

Creating Success MP3 eliminate limiting beliefs, manifest happiness, and success 

Public Speaking – easily speak before any audience 

Peace of Mind  MP3  overcome emotional blockages

Sales Persuasion develop a successful selling style 

Unlocking Human Potential MP3access inner talent, abilities and knowledge 


Balance Blood Pressure MP3  the mind can assist the cardiovascular system 

Breath of Life MP3 – overcoming asthma

Cancer Be Gone MP3 – the subconscious works to ideally to help the body heal

Fertility Enhancement MP3 – create an ideal reproductive environment within

Gentle Dental Care MP3 – remain relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures

Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis  support for healing

Overcoming Endometriosis MP3 – create a healthy menstrual cycle

Restrain a Migraine MP3 – hypnosis for migraine relief 

Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis MP3 – prepare the body to undergo surgery and recuperate ideally

(Please note that using hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a complementary tool that may benefit you. Please consult with your doctor.)


Weight Balancing:  

Loving Away Excess Weight MP3 – identify inappropriate behaviors and reasons for overeating; discover healthy coping mechanisms and release the old way of life

Crystal Ball Visions MP3 – three crystal balls: 1st, as you look now; 2nd, as you'd look in 2 years if you continued to gain weight; 3rd, with an image of your ideal self. You now choose to hold only the image and benefits of your ideal self

Hypnosis for Healthy Weight Release MP3 – address issues and behaviors that may have blocked wellness and happiness

Celebrations, Holidays and Vacations MP3  create important changes in the mind that make it easier to control eating during special occasions

A Slender, Happy, Healthy You MP3  release those unwanted pounds, increase self-esteem

The Exercise Motivator  MP3  become inspired to enjoy exercise and pleasurable movement

                                                     - AND -
Stop Smoking:

Refuse To Smoke MP3 – live life smoke-free and enjoy the healthy benefits 

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